Malaysian Computer Technical Blog is tutorials, news, and information about computers, gadgets, and technology all around the world. Instead of English, it use Malay language (Bahasa Melayu) for all the Malaysians who wish to learn and discover more..

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Launch! New template and new domain for

Assalamulaikum and greetings all of you,

Today, on this very day, I officially launch my new domain that is from the old one It still hosted at, just the domain and the template changed. So you don't have to worry if you mistakenly typed the old one because it will redirect here.

Today is also a historic day for Muslims as this is the time when Rasulullah hijrah from Makkah to Madinah, back in 1429 years ago. It also the time when the Masihi calendar start. So, at this coincidence (the same time launching new domain), I will try my best to keep you update for this coming year. (2008 you can say). Thank you for supporting me until today.

I purposely post this entry in English just so the readers from all over the world to understand what I am talking about. I am very pleased that you guys visited my site although I used my native language. There are a lot of comments from other countries requested for an English translation, but I'm truly sorry guys, I still don't find any fit translation for my blog.

One thing for me to do this blog in Malay because I see there are many Malaysians, mostly middle aged, wants to know about technology but have little knowledge in English. There are a lot of computer sites in English out there which I can also post my site in English, which make things easier. But that doesn't fit the purpose of my blog, and instead, I take the vast knowledge from English site and turn it into Malay. It is very hard tough.. you know, becoz of the information from English, and there are terms that doesn't suit and sometimes my translated sentences is not literally correct even in Malay. (Lol..)

Now I know what dilemma for Malay-site computer-bloggers out there even though it look easy. :) Thanks to Malaysians and Indonesians for always reading the materials here which some of you ended up here from the search engine. BTW, I'm gonna missed my old 'Green' site..

Lastly, keep on going you guys. And so do I. This semester is very hard for me as I'm in my final year at the local university. Wish me luck, k.. All the best to you guy too..! :)

Catcha later then.. I'll see you soon.


cypherhackz said...

erks! it suppose to be in malay or english? confius...

DeKaN said...

haha as said above.. just this entry.. 'purposely in english', my man.. Next entry in malay.. huhu. where all the news gathered eh? g, u tolong2 i. haha

baiz said...

lorrr... only this entry ker?? u sounded like an 'english man' ler.. hehehe.. cuba lah pelan2.. nnt boleh dpt lg byk readers.. mmg x kan dpt blk green site ker?? biru nih pun x berapa mengancam lah.. (jgn mrh dzul, komen lebih2 nih utk bg ur site lebih bergaya.. after all, 'it takes a woman to recognize a style') muahaha.. rs nak muntah plak sekejap.geli-geleman refer diri sendiri as a woman.. not that i'm not a woman or such.. (OMG, dh merepek2 nih)sori for that. nway, gambate!

DeKaN said...

hehe Tq for your comment. green site eh.. skng ni dalam proses menggreenkan yang ni.. nak tgk ok ke tak.. kalo x ok, nak try meng'gold'kan website ni plak.. Tgkla bila siap leh trus apply. memember sini pun tolong.. :)

DeKaN said...

to cypherhackz and baiz : Saya budak baru belajar, kalau salah tolong tunjukkan.. :)